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2020 Acknowledgement of Supporters

Note: our fundraising timeline differs from our fiscal year reporting. Our fundraising drive for 2020 offshore treatment started on October 28, 2019. Supporters listed on this page made contributions on or after that date towards 2020 treatment. Every effort as been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. Please contact us to note any changes. THANK YOU to those who have contributed to the 2019 Lake Josephine Improvement Association Fund! Lake Josephine is a beautiful and living treasure, but it is one that is fragile. Your proactive efforts and generous support will help ensure that it remains healthy and vibrant today and for generations to come.

Anderson, Lowell & Welte, Kathleen
Bartel, Brent & Maren
Brodt, Jack & Marlene
Brown, Justin & Winny
Coblentz, Eddie & Airika
Collins, Ann Marie & Jim
Cummings, Scott & Tracy
Dahl, Steve & Janelle
Dougherty, Tom & Mona
Erickson, David & Irene
Estey, Ryan & Marti
Fryd, Dave & Dee
Gustafson, Dave & Dawn
Hanson, Dick & Judie

Hoivik, Tom
Johnson, Todd & Beth
Josephine Hills Association
Kadrie, Chuck and Gert
Kanzenbach, Raye & MacDonald, Joni
Lubratt, Lynda
Maher, Mark & Mary
Mickelson, Dave & Carol
Newcome, R.J. & Pam
Olson, Steve & Michele
Ridgeway, Adam
Robinson, Catherine & Risch, Therace
Rosenthal, Craig & Chelsey
Schoenleber, Michael and Kirsten

Schreiber, Brett & Jamie
Schultz, Rick & Amy
Schumacher, Steve & Janet
Schur, Howard & Boone, Karen
Shwiff, Jill & Stuart
Simons, Preston & Irena
Skubitz, Jason & Barb
Soukup, Colleen & Larry
Sundberg, Mike & Anna
Wallin, Cheryl & Scott
Wendland, Dennis & Marianne
Zappa, Joe & Chris

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