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Board of Directors


Lake Josephine Improvement Association Board of Directors


R.J. Newcome, President

Dick Hanson, Treasurer

Pam Newcome, Secretary

Mark Maher, Board Member

Catherine Robinson, Board Member

Brett Schreiber, Board Member

Marti Estey, Board Member

Meetings are officially documented via approved minutes.

The homeowners of Lake Josephine would like to give a special thank you to Emil Kucera who served as the President of the Lake Josephine Improvement Association for 17 years.  October of 2014, Emil stepped down, it was at this time R. J. Newcome was elected Association President.  We owe Emil a debt of gratitude, as he’s tirelessly worked with multiple governing bodies to ensure our lake remains clean and safe. In September 2019, Maribelle Cushman retired from the board, after many years as a member and a lifetime of service to our lake community. Maribelle has served in many roles, with perhaps the most important being our lake historian, helping to preserve our lake’s long and interesting history for generations to come. Thank you Emil and Maribelle!