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DNR and Rice Creek Watershed District Reports


Lake Josephine Water Clarity

Intuitively, many of us judge the health of a body of water by its clarity.  If we can see the bottom of a lake or some distance into its depth – it’s clean; if we cannot see the bottom, even in shallow water – it’s dirty.

Following that same principle, a Secchi measurement is used to determine water clarity.  A disc is submerged into a body of water, then the depth at which it is still visible to the human eye is measured.

Below are recent statistics from Ramsey County reviewing some of the lakes in our area.  As shown, Lake Josephine is relatively clear, scoring in line with Lake Owasso and Lake Gervais.

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Lake Josephine Water Levels

Normal water level for Lake Josephine is just under 884.5 ft.  As shown, water levels have fluctuated by 1-2 ft. over the past 10 years.


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